We provide our clients information to identify, manage and mitigate risks stemming from either the normal flow of business or from unanticipated contingencies.

In a relatively short time, Geotelligence has developed a strong franchise in the business intelligence space across the globe on behalf of its clients, which include multinational corporations, financial institutions and domestic and foreign governments.

Geotelligence uses intelligence to support and assist its clients in addressing a range of difficult challenges, these include: due diligence of complicated cross border transactions, litigation support and international arbitration, FCPA and anti-corruption concerns, reputational threats and controversy risk management, brand and intellectual property protection, fraud and personnel issues, political risk and market entry studies.

Geotelligence has evolved rapidly and although retaining a core of intelligence experts, to date consist of other professionals drawn from a broad span of value-added disciplines such as: Legal Professionals, Law Enforcement, Investment Banking, Financial Regulation and Transparency and Anti-Corruption.