With the vast amount of potential forensic evidence available in criminal and civil court cases, corporate investigations and internal enquiries, there is a corresponding need for independent forensic experts using the latest techniques and facilities, to extract, discover, verify, support or challenge this evidence.

We are uniquely placed to offer fully integrated forensic support. We offer a wide range of forensic disciplines, each of which is based on a high degree of expertise, backed up with extensive operational and court experience. The application of this expertise, combined with the complimentary forensic disciplines ensures that the evidential potential of exhibits is fully and independently realized.

Forensic Video: Enhancement, compilations, stills production, image analysis, event analysis, edited copies, tracked or mosaic productions, CCTV evaluation, authentication.

Facial/Image Comparison: Expert interpretation and comparison of faces, clothing, objects, vehicles.

Forensic Audio: Enhancement, expert transcription, analysis, authentication.

Digital Forensics: Forensic hard drive imaging, mobile phone analysis, SatNav interrogation, data recovery, deleted file recovery, cell site analysis, e-discovery.

Questioned Documents: Handwriting authorship, signature authentication, altered, tampered and forged documents, counterfeit detection.

Fingerprints: Detection, development and comparison of finger marks.