Geotelligence provides focussed security solutions, tailored to specific client requirements. We work with our clients from project inception through all stages of project delivery through to maturity or decommissioning. With experience working in both physically and commercially challenging environments, Geotelligence is able to deliver comprehensive solutions across a breadth of specialist requirements.

Our services include:

Risk and Threat Assessments: drawing upon a wealth of both field experience and analytical scrutiny our comprehensive assessments aim to provide our clients with the actionable information to ensure operational efficacy, business continuity and reassurance.

Maritime Security: in an increasing challenging arena, Geotelligence can provide a range of capabilities to ensure business continuity. Drawing on a considerable depth our maritime specialists can provide geographically centred offshore security assessments and analysis that provide our clients with the latest operating dynamics and threats. We can provide dedicated, bespoke and when required discreet mitigation measures to ensure safe passage through high risk waters.

Cyber Security and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures: in an increasing digitally reliant business world Geotelligence offers a cyber threat analysis and risk mitigation capability. Cyber forensics can provide post incident analysis and e-discovery exploration. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TCSM) keep you and your business secure in a hostile electronic world.

Executive Protection: Geotelligence can provide executive protection worldwide. With a global network Geotelligence can provide a timely wide ranging response from high profile security to discreet security coverage across the spectrum of threat profiles. From the provision of individual protections officers to a protective team or an advance team in country prior to our clients arrival we develop and deploy a bespoke solution for each visit requirement. Our analysis on both the level of threat and client vulnerability allow us to provide a comprehensive response capable of dealing with evolving security threats.

Kidnap and Ransom support: kidnap, ransom and extortion continue to be areas of concern for businesses when operating in many parts of the world. Geotelligence can provide immediate access to specialist response consultants who will provide advice through contact, negotiation and recovery.

Training: building upon a wealth of experience working in environments that are physically, commercially and politically challenging, Geotelligence has developed a number of client orientated training packages.