Case Study 1
Competitive Intelligence

One of Australia’s leading banks was working to spin-off a non-profitable subsidiary when a hostile competitor began to campaign to hinder the project. Requiring extensive background information on the competitor, the bank asked Geotelligence to investigate the company and provide analysis on how its shareholders would be targeted.

Geotelligence carried out an extensive review of the competitor utilizing high-level sources within the financial and business communities, as well as first-hand knowledge from managers of other financial institutions who had previous contact with the company. Geotelligence findings allowed the client to develop a precise, preemptive attack strategy against the competitor, as well as an extensive defense plan to guard against future hostile actions. The result was the successful spin-off of the subsidiary.

Case Study 2
Competitive Intelligence

Geotelligence were approached by a major multi-national extractive industries conglomerate which wanted to understand the competitive landscape in West Africa, with particular reference to a forthcoming government sell off of mining licenses.

Geotelligence, through well-placed contacts, and through in house knowledge of the particular country and sector, was able to advise that a small number of individuals sitting in the margins of government were, in fact, in control of the tender process as part of a previously agreed power-sharing arrangement. As such, our client was able to formulate and develop a strategy that ultimately resulted in successful securing of a number key licenses.

Case Study 3
Technical Services

A leading US Law Firm approached Geotelligence regarding assistance in securing technical data from ‘hard to access’ situations such as high treat countries and hostile environments. The US Law Firm had been retained by a large multi-jurisdictional company with offices around the world. This firm was undertaking a review of certain procedures and practices, and required that subsidiary companies provide data as requested. Geotelligence was able to provide in-house experts to both visit and recover data from the companies and countries in question in a fashion that was legally compliant with the requirement of any subsequent legal action. Geotelligence was also able to represent and analyze the data as required and instructed by the Law Firm, as well as being able to advise what was possible, and the extent to which data had been deliberately obscured. All of this was achieved by Geotelligence staff and in a fashion that did not put the Law Firm’s employees into potentially hostile situations.