Case Study 1
A Geotelligence client was bidding on a major defense contract in the Middle East. The client suspected that a competitor was trying to undermine the tendering process by bribing procurement officials within the Middle Eastern government. Geotelligence was asked to discreetly determine whether the client’s suspicions were well-founded and, if so, to gather any disclosable evidence.Geotelligence monitored the interaction between procurement officials and the competitor’s capture team at an international trade show and concluded that a kickback scheme was being put in place. Over a period of months, Geotelligence catalogued more inappropriate behavior and obtained specific details of payments and promises of kickbacks. The client shared this information with senior officials inside the Middle Eastern government and as a result, the competitor was excluded from the process. The client went on to secure an $870 million contract.
Case Study 2
Investigations and Asset Recovery
A once-promising industrial conglomerate in an emerging market defaulted on its international debt. Geotelligence was asked by the client (attorneys representing the bondholders) to assist in the recovery of assets. Geotelligence was able to establish that the company had inflated its worth prior to the bond offering and developed a compete picture of the conglomerate, its principals, its practices, and its labyrinth of connections to other entities.By identifying disgruntled former employees and other sources, Geotelligence was able to conduct extensive interviews on-the-ground with people connected with the disgraced conglomerate. These interviews, combined with sources having unique access to various elements of the target group and its successor companies, enabled Geotelligence to provide the client with valuable leads in pursuing the claims of creditors. In turn, our client was able to use this information in its legal effort to recover assets close to $350 million.
Case Study 3
Geotelligence conducted a year-long international inquiry into the counterfeiting, diversion and distribution of a major consumable product. The product included targeted investigations of illegal distributors, obtaining usable evidence in cooperation with U.S. and local law enforcement, and conducting strategic and link analysis of various distribution networks. Our methodology included an Internet buy program active across the United States, purchasing from international websites, interviews, background checks, evidence screening, database management and surveillances. Geotelligence also established an on-going monitoring program to watch for new trends and identify potential new “hot spots”. The client was thus able to avoid revenue loss and serious reputational damage.